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This Week’s Guest Blogger is Nikos Thymakis a Landscape Consultant, Garden Designer and Tutor In Landscape Management

A Hortus theory about the Hellenic Garden

By Nikos Thymakis , HORTUS ECO LTD (nikthymakis@gmail.com )

What is the “Hellenic Garden”

A picture of the Nature of Hellas

Hellenic garden is a concept that became popular in recent years- an established “trend” in the worldwide gardening, a new style. In fact, this is the design, construction and management record and view –focus of our country through natural materials and plant species that characterize micro-landscapes of our country describing culture, history, science, art, and rural practice… what we call “Hellenic Aura”. It is a self sufficient-sustainable garden, designed with a water wise approach, based on Hellenic Flora. It is a “brand”, an extension of historical –archival records in space or modeling pictures from the Hellenic Landscape” .

A Typical Hellenic Garden

The “edible” part

The edible garden” is a botanical synthesis, conducted by fruit trees, vegetables and herbs and is highlighted by a biodynamic vineyard. The garden represents our effort to cultivate food items The typical olive grove, an “Elaionian Landscape” (Elaia= Olive Tree, Aionian= Eternal as “natural painting” the composition of herbs, shows a painting similar to Hellenic countryside.

The “healing place”

As an everyday “healing” place, a reference to Paradise is our garden. Despite its size, there is always the opportunity to touch the “ecosystem” and feel good inside. The authentic garden, that “round” (all year color and edible interest), “smell” (fragrances from leaves of herbs and flowers as much as the mowed grass or the soil) and “whistles” (attracting life –birds, animals, insects- or have the sound of water –pond, creek, waterfall) is the outdoor room of our home, the kiss of our mother , the Nature, the blessing of Lord…

Fragrance and Colour in Hellenic Garden Style

As much as refers to the following poem, is the “feel good” way of living!

How well the skillful gard’ner drew

Of flow’rs and herbs this dial new,

Where from above the milder sun

Does through a fragrant zodiac run;

And as it works, th’ industrious bee

Computes its time as well as we.

How could such sweet and wholesome hours

Be reckon’d but with herbs and flow’rs!”

(from “THE GARDEN”, Andrew Marvell, 17th century)


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